Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Tale of Two Kitties

Please excuse the pun. But it is one of my favorite Dickens' novels...

I have two cats. Those who know me may, in fact, consider me a crazy cat lady. And, truthfully, I'm okay with that.

I'm childfree by choice. Past posts have explained it but, to recap, I don't feel the maternal instinct, don't feel the nurturing drive and, frankly, I thik the Earth has enough people as it is.

That all said, I love - adore - my kitties. They are by no means young'uns. Peeps is 14 going on 15 and Eliza is one year younger. And, as much as I bitch about 'Liza whining at my door in the mornings or Peeps walking all over my keyboard as I try to work, they are my family.

I spend hundreds on their food because I want to give them the best nutrition available. I clean up morning noon and night after their various "biological issues."I have stains on rugs, furniture and bedding,

But Peeps waits outside the shower until I'm done and then jumps in and licks the water from the faucet. She waits on the table, snarling at the seagulls trying to attack our garbage. Eliza nuzzles my head in the morning until I get up and feed her. And at night she cries until I pick her up and let her fall asleep in my arms.

How many emails has Peeps sent that read sssssssddddddddddrttkkkkkkkpppppppppppp. How many times has Eliza interupted a fantastical dream?

This long rant leads to this: Peeps has been sick. And they are both old ladies. I've already spent $600 - which I don't exactly have - to pay vet bills. And now Peeps won't even eat her prescription food.

I know I'm 1) being a negative nellie and 2) expecting the worst, but what do i do if either of them gets sick again? I have NO wiggle room, financially. I love them to bits and pieces and with all of my heart and would be devistated to lose them. But, truthfully, at what cost....???...

Luckily, I'm not facing that decision yet. Hopefully for not awhile. But it's on my mind constantly, and so I put it out there.

Keep us in your thoughts, won't you?