Friday, May 25, 2007

Bring on the Summer

It's supposed to be 90+ degrees today and so I'm celebrating - by taking my day off to Gloucester. Hopefully the beaches will be mostly empty and I can get some serious R&R.

It feels great to be taking a vacation - I've really needed it. And so has my relationship w/ Mr. Zips.

We went out Wednesday night so I could have a few margarita's and get a little verschnikered. (Poor eternal designated driver...) And then we came back and watched a ridiculous movie. And woke up on our own time. And had a leisurely breakfast at our favorite breakfast place. And sat on my porch and tormented the kitties with the birds flying around. IT WAS GREAT.

Being able to hang out and relax allowed us to be goofy and silly - which is probably the reason we fell in love with each other to begin with. (Well, that and how amazingly hot I am ... of course) It's a huge difference from how we are with each other during the week - when we're both stressed about work, schedules, etc.

I think it's been really hard putting a relationship as relatively young as ours under that kind of pressure. I honestly believe it's a testament that we - I - have been able to not throw in the towel. (Cuz we all know how good I am at sticking something out ...)

I hope we can learn to take it a little easier this summer. And I know upcoming birthday vacation to Bar Harbor will help. Trail access to Acadia - Vahoo!

OK - off to go shave so that I can appear publicly in a bathing suit. Be afraid, be very afraid.