Monday, November 16, 2009

The Day That Was


Meant to leave work early to go to yoga.

Massive headache. Massive muscle aches. Skipped yoga.

Tried to 'pop into the Post Office" on my way to the train. Post Office had moved.

First day in new Post Office meant a line out the door of people trying to get their new boxes.

I missed my train.

Somewhere around here my chest started hurting. Maybe from the 30 pound laptop/backpack slung over my shoulder?

I stopped at WholePaycheck for a healthy dinner. Cashier (Devin) was too busy chatting w/ his friend to bag the food from the salad bar that actually constituted my dinner. There's $10 down the drain.

CBL calls me while I'm hoofing it to the train. "Can I call you back?" She gets annoyed. Then, when I do call her back, she spends 20 minutes of my trainride bitching about her boss. Inappropriate much?

The train I wound up catching had a transfer at Beverly Station. My connecting train was late.

On my way home, I called Yangs for some chow foon, the wheaty, thick warm pasta being the only thing I could contemplate soothing my nerves and my rough throat. (I'm worried I'm getting swine flu but I realize I'm being a hypochondriac and manifesting symptoms). They're out of chow foon.

BUT - I got home. In one piece. GB called to "tuck me in." And now, all I need is two kittens to jump up on the beddy and it will all be okay. Because tomorrow's anotherday.