Monday, August 18, 2008


When the alarm went off at 4:50 this morning, I didn't wake up with a start or a shout or a nervous butterfly atwittering in my tummy. What in heavens does that portend?

Of course I was a wee bit hesitant about starting the new job. But for some reason I have felt so calm, so certain, so focused that I just truly know it will all be okay. So when the folks at my gym - who have been following the saga - told me they just knew it would work out, I could only agree with them heartily.

Sure, there are a few quirks. My boss seems a bit too eager to share "the inside scoop" on some co-workers with me. And, as a fellow Jersey girl, she's a bit too keen on Janet Evanovich for my comfort and liking. Still, she seems to possess a good mix of responsibility and perspective. Which is refreshing.

The commute wasn't ideal for day one but, then again, perhaps it was my fault for taking the "long way home" and walking from Copley Plaza to Government Center to get on the Green Line. (But it was so nice out!). And it's funny, now that I'll be going into the city everyday how much I realize I let the distance put me off from travelling there for the last nine months. I'm even goin to be crossing the bridge again on Saturday to hang with Tia Marie. Go me breaking out of my comfort zone.

But what is really causing me to take some pause tonight at my newfound perspectives is (are?) my friends. I bemoan the fact a lot that I have a limited social life. Many of my nights (prior to last week and change anyway) are spent quietly in my wonderful home or strolling the beach in the moonlight. Alone. And yet, I cannot tell you how many wonderful messages I got last night and this morning. Best wishes and positive thoughts and the occasional inside joke (chirp chirp). Each and every one making me smile that much wider, making me feel that much more confident. These people may not be folks I can meet out for lunch or a cup of coffee because of time or space but they are people I am truly and deeply grateful I have found in my life.

So, for all ya'all, I say "thanks for putting up with me this summer. It's been pretty hellish. But I promise - cross my heart and hope to reincarnate - I've gained some serious perspective."