Monday, September 03, 2007

I Do

I'm back safe and sound from Mr. Zips' best friend's wedding. And, despite two hangovers, a complete lack of sleep, and lots of time spent hanging out in airport lounges, I'm mostly glad I went.

It was nice to spend time with Mr. Zip's friends and nice to see how the other half live. 'Cuz the bride's family? Yeah, filthy friggin rich. Hopefully Mr. Zips will post some of the piccies so I can load 'em up.

Because so many people were flying in from so far away, the happy couple had planned lots of things for everyone to do. Which was pleasant because it gave us a chance to meet lots of really cool, talented, creative people. But also gave us absolutely no downtown. Mr. Zips and I didn't get to explore the city at all - no sculpture garden, no Mississippi, no St. Paul and the new Japanese Zen Garden.

What surprised me most about the whole weekend was my complete and total sappy emotional reaction to it. The shindig made me almost want to get married again. Almost. I guess at heart I'm just a stinkin romantic and need to get myself to a 12-step meeting right away. Or, at the very least, stay far far away from weddings.

Anyway, I've got work in the a.m. and then a very exciting interview on Wednesday. (Keep your fingers crossed!) But I've been up since 8 (went to bed at 2 a.m.) and travelling all day. So, it's bed time for me.