Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Way to a Man's Heart?

When you work in a small company or on a small team, there are bound to be tensions. Conflicts. We can't all always get along. And, while I try very hard to be optimistic and positive, sometimes people just rub me the wrong way.

One of the lovely gentlemen I work with is a total and complete PrimaDonna. He thinks he's the smartest guy alive because he has a PhD. (He's not.) He only eats fish and vegetables and talks about fat grams and carbs like he's a chick. He also thinks I am his servant and secretary. And I've just about had it.

It got bad in London because he is laboring under the impression that I am CBL's "favorite." He is NOT her favorite. And, while I agree that it is problematic that CBL thinks we are such GalPals, there's really not a whole lot I can do about it. The first day in the city, I invited him to come out to lunch with a group of us. He declined, saying he was getting email harassed by CBL (shocking, I know) and had to get some work done. But could I bring him back a salad?

I should stop right here and say - I should have responded immediately with "Get your own damn salad," but I did not. I said sure.

Alas, as we have seen, in England, salad contains mayonnaise. You got egg salad, you got potato salad, you have "salad" which equals coleslaw and that's about it. I know that PrimaDonna would not even consider consuming something with so many fat grams, so I passed on the salad options. PrimaDonna got no salad.

I heard about this for - I kid you not - four hours that night as we went out for "teambuilding drinks." Once, ha ha. Twice, okay. By the fifth time he'd brought it up, I told him it was no longer funny and to get over himself. I don't think it was until I told him I was going to beat the living daylights out of him if he didn't shut it that he actually understood I had had enough. I don't recommend threatening one's co-workers with physical violence but, hey, a girl's gotta do....

Of course, he gets to pick the restaurant for our next big "love fest" in February. He thought he'd be clever. He picked Lucilles BBQ. Told me I'd be fine as they served fried okra. Very nice.

I, of course, responded by saying that they could enjoy dinner without me, as my last attempt at BBQ made me violently ill. To which response, CBL publicly scolded him for even suggesting they "force a vegetarian to be in that situation."

Oh, Mr. PrimaDonna. Do not try to beat a smart, sassy blonde at the game of life. It will not be pretty and you will not win.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jet Lag

Honestly, my body doesn't know what to think. Technically, in about two hours, I will have been up for 24. And yet, since I spent the lions' share of today on a plane, it just doesn't feel that way. Although, I've also consumed an awful lot of coffee and chocolate, so I might just be chemically induced...

I really do hate these quick trips abroad. I mean, don't get me wrong, any trip to London is a good trip to London. When oh when will the Universe figure out I really REALLY really REALLY want to live in the UK? But, flying in at 1 am Monday night, leaving 5 pm Friday night and three full dayys of meetings isn't exactly conducive to the site seeing or culture getting.

Ironic, of course, that by being in London I missed the pre-order Moz tickets for the House of Blues in Boston. RANDOM.

All in all it was a really good meeting. The world is a scary place right now, but I truly think my group has its shit together. I have a few concerns over personality confilcts - details at 11 - and a few other things. But, I think all in all, my role is secure, our group is secure and things are good.

I guess the two biggest things that drive me crazy are how much I've been travelling - because reallyhonestlytruly its not that much fun unless you have the time and money to extend it into a personal holiday and, right now,who does?!? - and, of course, how little time is left for my own sightseeing or enjoyment; depiste Rabby Burn's best laid plans...

So, that takes me to 12:27 AM est - which means 5:27 GMT, which means I've been up almost 24 hours (alarm went off at 6:50 am GMT).I should want to go to bed. But my body is all wonky.

Have I mentioned that I really hat jet lag?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Losers Club Takes a Day Flight

So, I thought I would be smart. Schedule my trip to London on a day flight. That way, sure, I'd lose a day to air travel, but I'd land, get to the hotel around 10 pm, pop a sleeping pill, crash until 8 am or so and be ready to rock on Tuesday.

Good plan, right?

So, I get up at 3:30 am Monday morning. The alarm was set for 4:15, but I woke on my own. Probably because I was so anxious about the packing and the travel and I had to be to the airport by 7:30 and I wanted to hit the gym because I WOULD BE EATING LOTS OF CADBURYS.

So, I get up, get to the gym, get in four miles on the treadmill, shower, hit the road and beat the Boston traffic. Park and at Logan at a nice, leisurely 7:25. It's all going like clockwork. The plane boards, I get my seat, settle in, ready to go.

And we sit on the runway. De-icing is taking longer than expected.

And then we sit on the runway some more. Now there's a leak in our lavatory hose. And it's hard to reach. And they have to fix it or we won't be able to flush. For the entire 7 hour flight.

They open the doors back to the gate because, um, yea, we've been sitting for three hours and people have to go to the bathroom. Luckily, everyone seems to be in a good mood, no one is arguing and people are actually laughing and cracking jokes about all this. Sometimes humans surprise me in really good ways.

After sitting there some more, we learn they've gotten the leak fixed and we've pushed back from the gate only to find another - more mysterious - mechanical problem. Back to the gate.

We FINALLY took off at 1:15. We paid 25,000 Sterling for the "privelege" of landing at Heathrow after hours. We landed at 1 am GMT. I got to my hotel at 2:30 GMT. I have now been awake 18.5 hours. And I have to get back up in 5 and half.

Good plan, that.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Have a Magical Day!

Well, the first of the two, long, beginning of the year travel events is behind me.

It was a conference in Orlando, FL, on the property of the actual Grand Mouse himself. In any other year, this would have thrilled me to no end. Because, despite the fact that I am an anti-corporatist and a feminist and, in so many ways, should hate all the things that Disney stands for -- I FUCKING LOVE DISNEY. Especially Sleeping Beauty. Or the Aristocats. Or Tigger. Or ... You get the idea.

But I was really not looking forward to this trip. Probably because I had to spend so much 1-on-1 time with CrazyBossLady (CBL). And that can harshen anyone's mellow.

I really did enjoy some of the time we spent together. She's a good person, even if she drives me crazy, is completely self-focused and acts kind of like a spoiled brat sometimes... But her heart is, I think, mostly good.

Of course, now I am sitting here, stuck with a nasty, stinkin headcold, tired and facing a mountain of emails I didn't get to (because CBL wanted to go to the park before 2 - why wait till 4?!?!?) and a mountain of laundry. And somehow I have to feel better before I leave for London on Monday. Because a long flight on antihystamins just sucks....

Oh yea - I also think I gained 10 pounds, what with the not being able to work out, eating crap convention food and now all I have the impulse to do is sit on my couch and suck down pinapple juice.... Grrrrrrr

AND - also forgot to mention - I am really NOT a fan of the Disney corporation anymore. Try - JUST TRY - to find out information about a store or restaurant without going through automated menu phonecall hell. Or getting a healthy vegetarian meal at one of the thousands of food stands and restaurants in the place. Or asking a "cast member" to help you with your suitcase....

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Starting it off right

To start off my 2009, I went to yoga, at a new studio, here in Gloucester. It was AMAZING. Only two students and the instructor, so it was kind of like having a private lesson. And the best thing was, because I was in a class and not practicing on my own, we did poses I normally wouldn't have done - like a lot of backbending. And surprises of all - it felt great!

I haven't made any official resolutions for this year. I don't normally. But I will be doing a lot of meditating and contemplating on the time ahead. But, for now, I'd like to share this video. For inspiration. For admiration. For fascination. And, best of all - in March, I get to study with Darren.

Life is good, folks. Life is good.

Tanutara: Making of the Anusara Syllabus Poster from Ross Evans on Vimeo.