Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Nostalgia and it's meanings

So, in May, I was priveleged enough to witness 2 of the 3 concerts A-Ha performed in New York City during their Farewell Tour. It was amazing and a memory I will carry to the end of my days. I had the privelege (or tenacity) to meet all three of the ensemble and will never, ever, forget the experience.

Their last -- final -- single was finally released. The video can be seen here.

At first, it made me sad. Even angry. But then, I realized that these three individuals didn't just exist to give me pleasure. They had feelings, thoughts, ambitions of their own.

Still, as I watch their videos and listen to their songs, there is a part of me that grieves. Americans' don't know much about these men except their one-hit-wonder song. But, for me, it was the soundtrack of my life. And, as lame as it may be, I finally broke down and bought that CD. And loved it. And hated it. And will cherish it forever.

We all have memories or thoughts or experiences that shap our existence. We should mever be madeto feel afraid of them.

I hope that will ring true for times ahead.