Sunday, October 14, 2007

B Day - as in Beginnings

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.

I'm nervous, anxious, excited, pensive, enthusiastic -- I'm a total loony bin.

But a trip yesterday to Salem provided me with the tools I need for a "New Beginnings" ritual I'm going to do tonight. I've got lots of lemon balm tea in me. I found a beautiful version of the Gayatri Mantra online and the performer gave me permission (no really!) to download it to my iPod. So, yes, all will be amazing.

Yesterday was a total blast. We lucked out with gorgeous weather for strolling the shops and stalls of Salem's Bizarre Bazaar. It was so nice to hang out with spiritual peeps when I'm feeling so befuddled. HypnoGal kept reminding me that "I will be great." And she's right. Many shiny things were purchased including two gorgeous Hematite necklaces that will help me stay grounded and hopefully help me set down those roots I so want to set.

I've got my outfit ironed, my coffee ready for brewing, my clock set on two different times. It's 9 p.m. and everything is ready, set, done. Too bad I fear sleep will be a long time coming. Ah well, more time to envision all the fabulousness my new life will be.