Monday, June 20, 2011

Parental Irony

So, I got in a big fight with dad a week or so ago. I was having "relationship difficulties" with Handsome Man. So, I called my mom to cry. She was a last resort, but I had to commiserate with somebody. Dad answered the call and gave me shit about calling so late. As if Mom has never called me inconvienently or my brother hasn't kept them up all night dealing with his issues. So, yeah, I was ticked.

Interesting times picking out a Father's Day card ...

Yesterday, I found out that one of my mother's favorite books, This Perfect Day, has been re-released. The joke in my family is that she gave me her copy and then borrowed it back so often and for so long it wound up again as her copy.

Another interesting note is that the author, Ira Levine, is also the author of Rosemary's Baby. Which mom once threw at my head when she found out I was taking classes about Wicca.

I don't honestlyknow what any of this really means. I guess what it means is that family relations are confusing, contradictory and incomprehensible. Also, somehow, we still wind up loving each other,