Friday, January 09, 2009

Have a Magical Day!

Well, the first of the two, long, beginning of the year travel events is behind me.

It was a conference in Orlando, FL, on the property of the actual Grand Mouse himself. In any other year, this would have thrilled me to no end. Because, despite the fact that I am an anti-corporatist and a feminist and, in so many ways, should hate all the things that Disney stands for -- I FUCKING LOVE DISNEY. Especially Sleeping Beauty. Or the Aristocats. Or Tigger. Or ... You get the idea.

But I was really not looking forward to this trip. Probably because I had to spend so much 1-on-1 time with CrazyBossLady (CBL). And that can harshen anyone's mellow.

I really did enjoy some of the time we spent together. She's a good person, even if she drives me crazy, is completely self-focused and acts kind of like a spoiled brat sometimes... But her heart is, I think, mostly good.

Of course, now I am sitting here, stuck with a nasty, stinkin headcold, tired and facing a mountain of emails I didn't get to (because CBL wanted to go to the park before 2 - why wait till 4?!?!?) and a mountain of laundry. And somehow I have to feel better before I leave for London on Monday. Because a long flight on antihystamins just sucks....

Oh yea - I also think I gained 10 pounds, what with the not being able to work out, eating crap convention food and now all I have the impulse to do is sit on my couch and suck down pinapple juice.... Grrrrrrr

AND - also forgot to mention - I am really NOT a fan of the Disney corporation anymore. Try - JUST TRY - to find out information about a store or restaurant without going through automated menu phonecall hell. Or getting a healthy vegetarian meal at one of the thousands of food stands and restaurants in the place. Or asking a "cast member" to help you with your suitcase....