Monday, February 25, 2008

Shout out to good people

Last week I performed a total bonehead move: I hopped in my car, dialed a local lunch place to order To Go Food, drove the 15 minutes there (hey, I work in the boonies!), parked and walked in. Only to realize I forgot my wallet.


So I went in and explained my idiocy to the guy working there. I felt like such a tool. He gave me the sandwich anyway, telling me he hated food to go to waste.

Today, to thank him, I drove back and offered not only the money for the sandwich, but a small bag of gourmet bakery cookies.

He took the cookies, refused the money.

"It's important people can still trust other people."

So, if you're ever in Beverly, MA, eat at Wrapture. They rock. And their food is pretty damn good too.