Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Handsome Man and I have been experiencing some "technical difficulties." That is to say, our schedules rarely match up and, when they do, it tends to be for shortened periods of time in public places such as lunch dates.

While I am well beyond my "snogging in public" years, I don't think a hug or a quick kiss is too much to ask.

A few days ago, after a very enjoyable lunch at a local brewpub (highly recommended) HM and I walked back to our cars. As I went to say goodbye, he retreated from any time to kiss - or even - hug him. I'm not talking about lewd and lascivious here. I'm talking about a squeeze or a peck on the lips from someone who (theoretically) loves you.

Needless to say, it left me a fair bit ticked. I tried to bring the subject up but, because HM doesn't talk about "his feelings" (add smirk), I didn't get very far.

Fast Forward: the other night, I was heading down to a local wateringhole for an after-work margarita. While waiting for HM to join me, I struck up quite the conversation with the bartender. Now, I will share, although it's technically not relevant, said bartender was on the younger side, seemingly intelligent and, yes, not too harsh on the eyes.

Drinks and dinner were had and laughs were shared. Said bartender wandered in on a few of the comments, now and again, as is appropriate.

Upon leaving the restaurant, I began to give HM his perfunctory hug. To my surprise, he swooped me up and gave me a real and totally legitimate kiss. (Yes, folks, tongue and all!)

Now, maybe he was just trying to make up for the other day's disappointment.

But I'm more inclined to believe that he thought another dog was sniffing around his territory and he was not about to let that happen.

Men. Can't live with em; pass the peanuts.