Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Do Ya Love?

This is kinda sorta a continuation of a previos post. But, I guess I need to work through this issue...

Through my previous posts, readers may have come to realize I have eclectic tastes ... I like pop-culture detective shows (Criminal Minds); insightful, yet blue, comedy; and raunchy, often mean and rude radio shows (Opie and Anthony, Smodcast, The Joe Rogan Experience). And yet, I love NPR, America Left, BBC News and The Daily Show.

Just like in high school where I was on the Lit Mag group AND the cheerleading team, I still don't fit neatly into any one corner.

I'm tired of justifying it. A dear, wonderful, big-hearted friend helped me get through the last few days of insecurity. Yet he found my radio family offensive and cruel. Another wonderful soullmate couldn't believe I listened to "NPR drivel." (Hello Rachel Maddow!) Someone else heard my giggling and sat down to watch a Daniel Tosh special. To her obvious chagrin.

I can't please everyone. And I can't please any someone all of the time. I don't pin down well. Maybe that's why I'm so hard to live with. Or be in a relationship with. Or figure out.

For what it's worth: I took a class in relative religions in college. We discussed a living candidate for sainthood and his writings. And while I valued a lot of what he said, I came away with this: "His writings are inspirational, but if I were his friend, I'd find him annoying."

I'm not entirely pure or entirely righteous or entirely holy. I'm also not entirely depraved or entirely decadent or entirely immoral.

I'm just me. No more no less. I'm not going to apologize for the obnoxious radio shows I listen to or make excuses for the completely obvious liberal talk shows I watch. I don't want to turn down the volume on some things or turn up the volume on other things. I guess I'm tired of being "a type."