Monday, June 04, 2007


For the past three days, I have been bitching about the "hospitality" service here at the Hyatt Regency. Now, usually, I love the staff at Hyatt hotels - they've always gone above and beyond. But not so much at the Twin Cities variation. There's no concierge, the bellstand has been constantly vacant, and my room has been less than cleaned. Used glasses are left on tables, no fresh soaps, yesterday the bolster pillows weren't even put back on the bed.

But today, I am very glad the cleaning crew sucks.

Background: I have been wearing the same pair of earrings for about three years without change. They're Celtic trefoils my brother bought me for Christmas and I adore them. I know it's boring to wear the same pair of earrings day in and out, but we all know about my fashion sensabilities.... Besides, they make me happy.

Two days ago - somewhere between waking up, schlepping two big FedEx boxes to the convention center, putting up our booth, working out, showering, and taxi'ing to St. Paul, I lost the right earring. I pretty much gave it up for dead.

Today, while I was doing crunches in front of the TV, I noticed something shiny over in the corner near the bed. No way, right? Housekeeping vaccuums, right? Wrong.

This kind of luck never happens to me. I'm going to bask in it.

Twin Cities

Well, here I am in Minneapolis - I've walked so much in the past three days that I swear I've worn my sneakers out. And all that walking - I've been so hungry! So I'll either get back to Beantown 20 pounds lighter or 20 pounds heavier.

If I were a good blogger, I'd have brought my camera and could share pictures of all the sights I've seen. But, alas, I am not. So you'll just have to imagine it for yourself.

I'm traveling w/ two sales guys, both of whom are nice and both of whom are wierd. We went out for dinner last night and it was a pretty decent time. But, I've got to tell you, when we left the exhibit hall at 3:30 this afternoon, I didn't leap right out and suggest meeting up again tonight. Of course, they didn't either. Which makes me wonder - do they talk bad about me behind my back? Then again, if they do, do I care?

Spending so much time w/ people I wouldn't necessarily call "friend" can be a bit taxing. Because you want them to like you because, well, it's human nature. But logically you know it shouldn't really make a difference either way.

Aren't people funny?

The one thing I have to say for Minnesotans, though, is that they are really - really - friendly. A woman stopped me on the street to help me find the Walker Museum (fabulous place!), my cabbie pointed out his high school alma mater as we passed it, and the yoga instructor at the gym offered to meet up with me for lunch if I was lonely. (To bad I had to work during lunch hour - it could have been fun!) If it didn't get to be 26 degrees BELOW zero for WEEKS at a time in the winter, I'd think about moving here.

Then again, I'm not sure if I have it in me to be as nice as a Minnesotan....