Monday, August 15, 2011

Remembering the "Dream"

When I was a Junior at Colby College, I was involved in an intense theatrical production, later termed "Dreamcatcher." The first part of the production consisted of the cast keeping dream journals and reading books - both analytic and theoretical - about dreams. And then we started to that together. The movement was organic and based on the results of our dream creations. The music was both original and foung to fit our creation.

It was an intense process. It was telling, personal, spiritual, insightful and inspiring. I don't have any idea how well I performed. Maybe my movements were ungraceful or out of rythm or nervous and stilted. I don't care.

I just found out that the performance was recorded and fashioned into an acutual production. A preview is here. An artistic pursuit that consumed - both physically and spiritually - nine months of my life, has been captured on film. I'm no Gelsey Kirkland or Dame Helen Mirren, but this is a BIG THING for me.

My parents don't get it (shock). Even some of my friends don't get it.

But I am proud and grateful and amazed and awed.

Anyone who has been a part of something amazing that is bigger than themselves and their reality will understand what I mean. And how blessed, how unbelievably grateful, I am to have been a part of it.