Friday, September 11, 2009

Limping Along

I should subtitle this post "Another reason I'm not a good yogini".

Still healing from the rib. This will take awhile, I know. But it's driving me crazy. It's autumn in New England - I want to be out and about, enjoying the weather and nature. I want to be riding my new bike and taking huge gulps of crisp, cool air. Instead, I'm sitting around like a slug.

It's making me fairly angry and bitter. As you can see :-)

What's worse is that I'm over analyzing every bite of food I put into my mouth. Now that I am not exercising regularly, can I afford to have a bite of brownie, an extra slice of toast?

Logic and old wisdom tells me that my body needs lots and lots of energy to heal itself. It needs protein and calories and, yes, even some healthy fats. Vanity and low self esteem tells me that my butt is spreading and my thighs becoming thunderous.

It irks me that I am not above this petty argument in my head. That, as someone who follows @AnusaraFriend on Twitter and in life, that I can't rejoice in the things my body can do and respect the lessons my injuries can teach me. But, I guess my soul is not yet that enlightened. And so The Work continues...