Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unexpected Sunshiney Day

Actually, I'm not sure if the sunshine was unexpected or not. But I didn't expect to get to enjoy it the way I did. Drumroll: Kalesy was spontaneous today!

I had a recording session for a radio spot this morning. It was my first ever radio project and the client has been a bit of a complete and total P.I.T.A. lately. So much so that people are completely obsessed with ways in which we can keep pleasing them and thus not lose the account. Because we all know what will happen if we lose the account....

BUT, I digress. So, it was my first radio spot. Client's fussy. I had to be in the city by 9ish, which meant catching the 7:15 a.m. train which meant getting up at the A.C.o'Dawn. I knew my boss was going to be there to oversee (read: micromanage) and also would know what time we called it a wrap. Thus, no real chance of slacking off.

Well (and here's where the unexpected came in). .. the talent was a total pro and nailed it on the third take. The client loved it and signed off almost immediately. We wrapped by 10:45. My boss informed all of us that he had a lunch meeting and thus, "just might not make it back to the office" and we should "do what we gotta do." (Translation: Slack Away!)

One call to Good Buddy (he has no idea this is what I call him, so if he's reading this - now ya know) and I arranged for some hang out and enjoy the sunshine anywhere but the office. Since we didn't want to drive around all afternoon looking for parking, we wound up at his homebase marina, sitting on the deck, enjoying the breeze and the boats.

As he so eloquently put it: "It didn't suck."

True, I had to catch the 1:15 train back to the office. True, I had on business-appropriate attire (not the sunbathing outfit of choice). True, I couldn't enjoy an adult beverage as 1) want to go to yoga tonight 2) had a pretty important project to wrap back at the office and 3) policy of no booze on a school day/nite. All that aside, I got almost two full hours in the sun with some good conversation and no worries.

So, for all the times I've said I couldn't be spontaneous - didn't know how - Phooey on me!