Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have a lot of ranting still to do. Clearly I am not completely at peace with all the BS going on at work. Which is evidenced not in the least by my tearful phonecall w/ TiaMarie while in the taxi on the way home from the airport tonight.

But I'll sleep on all the ranting. No good will likely come of it anyway. And I aspire to be unlike my boss and delay forced gratification.
So, instead, I will post pictures of Seattle. It is a beautiful city filledwith beautiful people. The light rivals that of Gloucester. But one thing they far surpass us on is the small details. (I've always said the devil is in the details.) Go for a walk in Seattle and notice the brass or copper carvings inlaid along the sidewalk. The artistry on the directional signs. The sculptures and fountains along the paths along the water.

If Gloucester could ever even moderately imitate some of the scenic touches Seattle has incorporated, we'd be that much better off. Of course, I realize this doesn't all come for free. Maybe Gloucester can start lobbying tradeshow organizations..........