Friday, July 08, 2011

I thought I was numb...

There is a shadow that lives in my house and in my mind.

She is a black and grey shadow. She likes to sit in the bathroom waiting for me to get out of the shower. Sometimes she paws at my legs as if to tell me, "Get out. I want in."

The shadow sits in my front window, mrrrowing at me when I get out of my car.

The shadow eats corn on the cob - off of the cob. It begs for tuna and always seems to know when it's Thanksgiving weekend, because that's the only time mom comes home with REAL turkey.

The shadow walks on my keyboard and, occasionally settles down for a long winters nap on my keyboard.

The shadow seldom sits on my lap but often sits just next to my lap.

The shadow likes the sides of her cheeks petted and purrs loudly when indulged.

The shadow activitely haunts me now and will probably haunt me for a long time. I hope the shadow stays with me always - but hopefully will be slightly less visible. Because that shadow needs - demands - tears to survive. And I'm pretty dehydrated at this point...

Peepers - I will always love you.