Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Costly Play Kales

So, I sat on my hands most of the day at work. Or, as ArmyFedExBoy would say, sat around with my thumb up my ass.

I mean, not really. I did manage to finish the plot outline for my NaNoWriMo novel. All 8 pages of it. I hope that doesn't constitute cheating and the flying guilt monkeys come for me....

But, for the most part, I stared at a computer screen all day with NOTHING productive to do. So I decided I would head out uber early (read 3:45) to catch one last yoga class with AwesomeYogaTeacher. But, the guilt monkeys did come to get me and I went to check in with one of the Veeps before I left.

Act 1 Scene 1: Kalesy knocks timidly on Veeps closed door. She has already decided to lie. "Um, I have to run out and grab the keys to my new apartment before the rental agency closes."

Veep: "Okay. Did A come talk to you about the pitch for BigCompany?"

Kalesy: "No. Should I have been looking for him?"

Veep: "No. It's a letter or email campaign. Or something. I don't have the details yet. But swing by after you come back from getting your keys and we can walk through it."


Damn those flying guilt monkeys. I bet if I hadn't checked in, no one would have noticed me missing. Still, on the off chance they would have, probably a good thing I didn't leave. Besides, now I have something to do tomorrow. Yippee!

So, I missed yoga. I did run 4 miles on the treadmill at my new gym. Not quite the same, but it does help ease the jitters out.

And other eventful things happened, which I will blog about later - or not. The net/net is, it's 8:46 and all is well with The Universe.

Quick Update

No, the new job hasn't killed me. Quite the opposite. So far, so great, but details forthcoming. Suffice to say I've been unbelievably busy when not at work - with the move and figuring out all the surrounding details. I've fallen into bed exhausted by 10 each night...

But I had to mention this: once again Kalesy is ahead of the curve...

A few weeks ago, my car started sporting this:

Last night, Stephen Colbert announced his candidacy.

Do I have my pulse on the nation, or what?