Thursday, May 15, 2008

Minolo What?

As previously noted, I am not exactly a girlie-girl. I waffle back and forth between feeling empowered by this or belittle by this. After all, what 30-something professional woman has absolutely no desire to see Sex and The City - The Movie? "The film version of the Candace Bushnell book that became Darren Star's Emmy-winning HBO series that became (from 1998 to 2004) must viewing for everyone who ever cared about shoes, hair, nails and men — in that order."

But, I digress.

I've been contemplating this lack of feminine wiles lately as I look into the morning mirror. Despite getting 8+ hours of sleep a night, eating (fairly) healthy and getting tons of exercise, I still have blotchy skin and puffy eyes. Now, this may be attributed to allergies, which have hit me with a sledgehammer this year. But maybe I'm just getting OLD. Or, at least, older.

I've even contemplated trying out the make-up.

This weekend will be a little experiment. I have to go to the mall. (blech!) Duty calls: I have to drop off the yogaHOPE press release to the Lululemon store. While I'm there, I might just try to mix business with pleasure. Even though I could never afford to purchase the goods, I might - just might - get a makover. See what they can do for me. I mean, what can I lose?

Maybe just my fine lines and wrinkles.

And since it's summertime, maybe I'll gain me a few evenings out on the town....