Friday, May 15, 2009

Interesting to Think About

I've been thinking a lot about people and persons and my relations to them.

It's come to my attention that I do not have a very large group of friends. And I have a significantly smaller group of local friends. I'd like that this weren't true, but alas...

It's hard to meet people in your hometown when you're travelling a lot, working crazy hours out of town and so exhausted when you're actually home that all you can do is hit Blockbuster and pass out. Even harder when you're spending most of your free time either physically or mentally taking care of your family - especially your father - who all reside in NJ.


I say that I enjoy people. I will talk to any random person in the supermarket, in the parking lot, on the subway. I enjoy these brief interactions and generally walk away feeling good. What I can't do? Talk to the cute boy at my gym who several times has tried to chat me up. Come off confident and nonchalant while talking to people I might actually think I'd be friends with. Enjoy people in large groups. Like the damn Celtics fans invading North Station these days... Ugh. This is a very strange conundrum.

I know that I won't make any friends watching On Demand movies in my apartment. But right now that's really all I'm capable of. It's totally sad, but it's true.