Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Two Things:


If you have both your personal phone and your work Crackberry set to a ringtone by your favorite band AND if your favorite band is all over your iPod AND if your favorite band begins with an A (and thus is always first on your Music library) ... DO NOT throw a hissy fit if you hear a melodious voice filtering out of your purse. It could - maybe - possibly - just be your iPod on Shuffle and NOT your boss calling at inappropriate hours.


I am OH SO VERY tempted to post a picture on me and Good Buddy at the reunion. Not because I look good. Drunk girl not take so very pretty pictures. But just because I know how worried/paranoid he gets about people reading this here bloggy blog and putting two and two together and figuring out who he is. And I'd love to see his face when he saw the picture. Actually, no, I probably really wouldn't.

Drat. Don't you hate it when you use common sense?