Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So this is how it feels...

OK - so, ya'all know I truly and wholeheartedly believe that The Universe puts you where you need to be when you step into it's flow... right?

So, when there's a million reasons to get to the Morrissey concert early, but you get there late, and when you walk up to the queue at the exact time as someone else, and when that someone else is also on their lonesome and that someone else is smart and a Morrissey fan and British and his favorite movie is (for legitimate reasons) Donnie Darko and he's a progressive Professor of Political Science, well ... that's the Universe talking. Right?

Goodness, I hope, right.

Because, for the first time in years, I feel freaking giddy. I mean, can you hear the smile in my words? Can you sense this ridiculous ear to ear grin?

Guess I gotta trust in that there Universe thingy.

To his credit, he DID email me yesterday after making it back to Connecticut, where he's a professor. And his email DID include a question - which COULD be seen as an opening for a conversation.

But maybe he's also just being nice. Because he's British. And polite.

To quote my favorite movie of all time: "I hate that Goddamn, it's wonderful to be alive feeling!" Because it's oh so very wonderful and oh so very awful.

If he never writes/calls again - I had a really amazing night.

But, oh, I really oh so hope he does.

And, as my brilliant, insightful, YogaGirl friend pointed out: "You can either believe he will. Or believe he won't. So you might as well believe he will."