Saturday, May 09, 2009

So Much, So Little, So What

I have been a slacker. I haven't posted in ... ages? I honestly don't know how long. It's not like there hasn't been news to report. There's been a plethora of news. I've just been a) too tired b) too busy c) too petrified to face reality to report.

One week and one day ago, dad had a stroke. OK, technically, the stroke happened one week and TWO days ago. But it wasn't reported until last Thursday.

You never know how you're going to react to the news that you might lose or be losing someone you love Until It Happens.

Within 20 minutes I was in the car on the way to NJ. I didn't even know how much underwear I'd packed.

Viscious, heart-rending emotions aside, Dad is OK. He'll walk away from this one. Next one, not so much.

I can't stop myself from calling obsessivelly. How is everyone feeling? How did the walk on the treadmill go today? Yet I know, they're as fed up with my constant harrassment as I was with the need to be full-time nurse while I was in NJ.

Being a good daughter is a REALLY difficult job. There's no handbooks or rules guides to help you along. I can only hope and pray I'm doing the right bit...