Thursday, June 10, 2010

So much stuff, so little time

Had an amazing session with awesome therapist this a.m. Basically boiled down to this: Got ridiculously emotional b/c I am wicked tired but handled it very well and once I get some rest I'll probably be OK.

And she's right.

I feel good. Exhausted, but good.

I have an interest in pursuing a friendship with someone who is a technogeek but uber cool. Lives in Seattle but that might be overcomable.

Got an email from a cutey who lives in Toronto which is completely logistaclly doable.

Am soon to enter into season of hangage with someone who is inherently attractive.

A week away from Pride, suggests endless possibilities.

As I said in therapy today, "Who knows what the future holds." It is SO VERY AWESOME to say that and mean it...