Monday, May 24, 2010

"Therapy Speech"

It's kind of a joke among many of my friends that, when one is in therapy for awhile, one develops "therapy speech.' (or, as Sheldon on BBT would say, "one can also get beat up in high school for referring to oneself as "one"...) Therapy speech is basically using the language of talk therapy in everyday life where, unfortunately, not everyone is so blessed or priveleged as you and is not currently "In Treatment."

Today, I caught myself using therapy speech. A friend asked me how things were going.

"Pretty good. I had a bit of a backslide this weekend, but I realized it, acknowledged it, found my center again and forgave myself for forgetting myself momentarily."

OK - maybe it's not QUITE as corny as that. But still, it is pretty corny.

Which is why it amazes me so much that it works.

I really did see myself backsliding this weekend. After a week of 24x7 CBL and "team bonding" with the work group, I pretty much felt emotionally ambushed. That on top of a really insane travel schedule and I was in danger of losing sight of the me that is me.

But, I managed to wake up this a.m., recite my mantra in the shower (hey, that way the roomie can't hear it) and take the steps I need to take to take care of myself.

Including bringing a travel alarm clock to the office to make sure I don't miss yoga!

So, it sounds new age, fluffy bunny, touchy feely, but this stuff works.

And, then, of course, I took an amazing yoga class where the instructor assisted me no less than three times. We did lots of poses that I can easily do (encouraging) and many poses I need to work on (challenging) and managed to hit a great balance so I walked out of there glowing.

And I've got a bike ride planned for the a.m. Altho - if I'm as sore tomorrow as I was last Tuesday, maybe more yoga is what the doctor orders...