Wednesday, October 10, 2007


No, it's not what you think. Puhleeze. It's 11:07 and I'm in jammies watching The Daily Show.

I had a great time tonight. Good laughs. Etc. But I also got the chance to steal another - very cool - pint glass for the collection. Yesssssss!

I Like to Say Yngwie Malmsteen

My brother is a big fan of heavy metal music. And when we were growing up I was often subjected to, er um, treated to, amateur renditions of popular guitar riffs and Ozzy Osborne lyrics. Which may explain my tendency to walk around the house (age 5 or 6) chanting, "I Am Iron Man!"

Despite these protestations of my childhood self, I am really not that hardcore. But everyone seems to think I am.

I was chatting to a friend today and mentioned that I'm having drinks with my friend Tomkolson tonight. I also mentioned that there would be no hanky panky for numerous reasons but not least of which, I will not be rebound girl.

My friend paused and said, "Oh, did Tom just go through a break up?"

No you schmuck. I did.

Funny thing is, he's not the only person who's reacted like this. People seem to have forgotten already the Kalesy of a month ago (tomorrow's my anniversary. Go me!) who couldn't make it through an hour without tearage. Multiple folks have seemed shock when I express moments of pain and suffering, as if they're wondering why.

Perhaps I would be fairing better if I was still listening to Black Sabbath. Maybe I should find myself a local cover band. Could be fun. Ripped jeans and big hair. Leather pants with leopard prints. Hmmmmm.....