Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dazed and Confused

I know I haven't posted in awhile. And given that I took some time off for the amazing Todd Norian "Awakening the Heart with Anusara Yoga" retreat, I'm sure you're all expecting some deep, poetic, thoughtful meditations.

Well, if this were a week ago, perhaps.

But, alas, I've done so much writing and thinking and spinning in my own head, I just feel deeped and poeticated out.

So, you lose.

Instead, I'll relate this brief anecdote. I know that I'm treading on dicey ground, as GoodBuddy is one of my massive twelve readers and he loves to hassle me when I post about him. But, alas, this is what has me dazed and confused. (Well, that and this headcold I DO NOT HAVE. REALLY.)

GoodBuddy and I have decided that we're "on a break." Or something. Kind of. Just, basically not spending so much time together. We both agree this is a good thing. Still...

So, last night, he texted way past my bedtime. When I inquired, I learned he was at a concert at the House of Blues. Cool. I told him about my tix for the upcoming Mozza show. "Am I involved in this plan?" he asked. To my response in the negative he replied, "Very Nice. You go out then with your long haired friends and have fun there." I could be wrong, but he seemed upset.

Then, before hanging up, I confirmed that we are not on for tomorrow night. Because I need to make arrangements if we are/aren't. (The answer will determine at which studio I practice, TreeTopYoga or with David at Exhale.) His answer: "Yeah, you got nothing to do with me tomorrow night. You're being punished." And then he seemed surprised when his response bothered me a little bit.

So, let me get this straight. I don't involve you in my plans to go to a concert in which you have absolutely no interest and you get a little pissy. But you act like a jerkoff about our (may I say very adult) decision to take some time off and I'm not allowed to get a little bit ticked?

I'm confused. Dazed and confused. Men. Can't live with em. Pass the beernuts.