Tuesday, February 08, 2011

And this is why I love Canadians

If you haven't heard, I am somewhat obsessed with Canadian Stand-Up Comedy (See here for proof). I don't know why. But XM LaughAttack 153 is my go-to whenever I need a giggle. It's DEFINITELY an XL channel but the humor is usually much more insightfully vulgar than gratuitously vulgar.

A good example of this is Darren Frost. Unfortunately, none of the bits that are my favorites are available on youtube. I'll keep trying and update when appropriate.

BUT - here is the amazing thing. I listen to Darren's show and enjoy his stand-up tremendously. But he's not readily available on YouTube or iTunes. So I emailed him. And he sent me his DVD. ...BEFORE he asked for payment.

If you're in the States, that's a sign of a lunatic. If you're in Canada, that's a sign of a human being.

I mailed the check off today. If it gets where it's going, well, that's a case for the RCMP. But I held just as true to my end of the deal as he did.

This isn't the only Canadian Comedian who has offered this kind of deal.

In addition to the laughter, this has taught me one fundamental thing: why is humanity - and specifically US-based humanity - so cynical? He mailed me the DVD. I mailed him the check It's right and honest and fair and enjoyable, Wouldn't it be a great world if more things were like that?

I truly think Darren would agree with that. But he'd still call me Fucky if I sat in the front row...

Flowing with Grace and All that Other Nonsense

The style of yoga I most love, Anusara, has one central theme: soften and open to Grace. The theory behind this is, if you open to Grace, grace will lead you the way.

This morning, I was having a VERY hard time getting out of bed. I'd had another bout of my infamous insomnia and, after finally falling back to sleep, I had nightmare after torturiously realistic nightmare. I woke up, still exhausted, and really wanted nothing more than to stay in bed all day. If I didn't HAVE to be anywhere, I didn't WANT to be anywhere.

But then, on a whim, I checked out the schedule at a local yoga studio. And, snap!, one of my favorite teachers was teaching at noon. It was 9. Plenty of time to do the annoying little things I'd put on my "to do" list and still make it to class. And then, class was only 10 minutes away from a theatre showing a film I wanted to see, The Rite." PS - don't make the same mistake I did.

Then, I got a call from a local Time Bank friend who can offer help on start-up businesses. And then I got a call from the contact of the PR firm working with the CAFM this year. And she invited me to a Women and Wine networking event this Thursday. Then I chatted with the admissions counselor from the nearby community college about their entrepreneurship certificate. And then I talked to someone from the Time Banks about promoting their annual fundraiser. And then...

So, I forced myself out of bed for yoga. And all this other "and then's" happened. And people STILL doubt the power of the Universe and the laws of attraction and the theory of karma? Seriously? Doods, I am living friggin proof!

PS -- Kitty curled up contentedly on my bed. She hasn't journeyed upstairs in weeks. She MUST be feeling better. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!