Thursday, July 07, 2011


My guess is that my fewish readers will gues this post will be about Peepers. My girl, my Lambie Pie Petunia, 16 years old, was put to rest on Tuesday. I cry and cry and manage to pull myself together only to cry again. And, so, today, I should be posting about Peepers and her quirks and how much I loved her.

But I'm not.

Reason 1: If I start posting about the memories, I'll never stop.

Reason 2: I'm in that "numb" part of the grieving process and, as busy as I am, it's working for me...

So, I post this instead. Today marks the two week anniversary of my $10/day budget. I got tired of "robbing from Peter to give to Paul" (mom's term) and checking my balance every day to see when/what would bounce. So I set myself a severe (for me) budget. Ten bucks a day. If I needed to spend more in a day (gas, prescription meds..) I divided the balance and adjusted accordingly.

For two weeks running, I've actually been UNDER budget. Sure, it's been a bit of a pain packing my own lunch and prepping my own dinner everyday. Especially when you get a craving for something special.

Still, I'm really proud of myself. I should have put myself on this austerity plan a LONG time ago. But with age comes wisdom, right?

Here's hoping (fingers crossed).

PS - does this austerity plan give me license to be bitchy about someone who goes out several nights a week to bars, spends time playing volleyball but not working/job hunting, and STILL bounces rent checks? just checkin...