Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have been tagged by Livia Agusta with the below meme. I don't usually indulge in these things, but, heck, I'm bored, I'm on a train and I'm avoiding work. So here goes!

Here are the rules:1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random, some weird.
3 Tag someone at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
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Seven things about you:

1. I have been a vegetarian for more than half of my life. I do not honestly know why I gave up eating meat but I do know I don't miss it one bit.

2. If I ever did go back to eating meat, I'd have a McDonalds chicken sandwich.

3. My first car was named Cecilia after the Simon and Garfunkle song. I wrote a lot of poetry about my car in college - so much so that my professor bought me an anthology entitled Drive They Said in which another professor was published.

4. I was a cheerleader in High School for a squad that competed in the National Championships down in Orlando, FL. I wasn't actually friends with any of the girls on the squad, though.

5. I took the virginity of one of my high school boyfriends with whom I share a birthday. He is now a happily out and proud homosexual in NYC.

6. I don't have children, I don't want children, I don't like children.

7. I listen to Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! (the NPR news quiz coming to you live from the Chase Auditorium in beautiful Downtown Chicago...) religiously.

I’m tagging: Sapphire Dakini

Romy and Michelle

It's hard to believe it's Thanksgiving time already. This year has been an absolute blur. In truly cliched fashion, this year has flown right by. I can't believe how much has changed in my life...

And, to prove just how much things have changed, I've decided to go to my high school reunion. Ack.

Yes, I will don pantyhose and makeup and even high-heeled shoes in exactly five nights and I will venture forth to see again people I have not seen for 15 years. I have no idea why I am compelled to do this - I don't think there's enough therapy in the world for that. But, going I am.

Perhaps most shocking is that I'm not going alone. GoodBuddy will be accompanying me.

This, of course, means that he will have to meet my family. And, perhaps worse, means that my family will have to meet him.

And all of this means that this here bloggy blog will be rife with stories of the hilarity (and painful) forthcoming. Stay tuned.

There might even be pictures....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Plusses and Minuses

So, today, I was supposed to work at the office. I've been taking advantage of the fact that no one on my team works in Boston by working from home when I wasn't actually, officially working from home. Haven't visited my cube in days.

Today, I was actually and legitimately planning on heading into the office. I had boxes to unpack and boxes to pack. And, all that aside, I'm out of town for the lion's share of the next two months.

So, I get to the train station, 8 minutes to spare, and check my Blackberry, ala Crackberry.


Now, I am sure am thankful that I found out before I took the ride in. And it sure was nice to spend the day at home with the kitties before massive time of away. And, of course, it was nice to get my laundry and packing done before this weekend of "WTF!ness"

At the same time, a little pissed that I 1) got up at the ass crack of dawn 2) wasted a perfectly good leg shave. Ah well, guess I have to be a girly girl sooner or later. After all, I did get a brow wax on Saturday....

Friday, November 21, 2008

One Drawback to Going Green

The trunk of my car is filled with fabric bags for shopping trips. I am usually pretty pleased with myself on this front. I am, after all, a self-proclaimed tree hugger.

I found one teeny tiny little drawback to it today, though.

Kitty Litter.

Specifically, dirty kitty litter that desperately needs to be thrown out so that you can finally get around to scrubbing the litter pan which you've been putting off for way to long because, well, it's a dirty litter pan.

You kinda sorta really can't throw wet, gross kitty litter into a paper bag. Not if you don't want it to wind up spilling all over your just washed kitchen floors....


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Virginia is for lovers...

Just back from yet another business trip. So much for "10% travel" in the job description ...

And, while I still really don't like travelling ... (no, it's not exotic. The highway from airport to hotel looks pretty much the same no matter what city you're in... and a hotel ballroom is a hotel ballroom is a hotel ballroom...) I do have to say, this trip was at least moderately more tolerable.

BBB met me at the airport in his Kalesy-funded Zipcar and chauferred me to my hotel. It was so great to see him. The last time was when I busted up with Mr. Zips and - well, let's just say this time was MUCH more enjoyable. I'd forgotten how easy it is to be myself around him.

A pretty successful two-day meeting by all accounts. Our biz president (Hello, Mr. Anderson) is a tough cookie and thinks outside of the box. Which is good. But also slightly scary in this economy...

And then, landed at Boston Logan at 9 pm after a very long day. And was greeted by GoodBuddy. A full night ensued - way too late! - of talking and ... stuff.

Pretty amazing that I was in two airports in two states and picked up by friends in both. I may be lonely sometimes, but I truly do have people who take good, good care of me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And now..

For something completely different. This is a bit old, but it really REALLY makes me happy. So, all you gothgeeks and boycrazygirls out there, enjoy.

Reclaiming My Life

Well, I've been a bit busy lately. You might have noticed. I've kind of been burning the proverbial candle at both ends, trying to get all my actual work done AND finish a big project for the Taproot Foundation and Community Servings. (Wanna buy a Thanksgiving pie? Ask me how!)

And I've been feeling a tad - shall we say - resentful about all of the demands on my time. The Blackberry buzzing itself off the table, onto the floor, across the floor and under the table. But tonight I managed to take some time for myself. And I feel so much better for it.

I took a pilates class at my gym and then ran 2.5 miles (mostly to burn off the 3 cups o coffee I drank at the Pleasant St. Tea Company this afternoon. Mmmm coffee.) Then I went out to a wonderful dinner with a former co-worker. And, although I heard my Blackberry buzzing yet again, I refused to even look at it. "I'm quite sure it's after 5 o'clock."

Sitting over a margarita and warm bread, catching up after several long months, I realized that - despite how crazed I've been the last few weeks with travel and ToDo's - I'm really quite happy. If I can take a much-needed step back and look at my life wholistically, things really don't suck. I'm wicked good at my job and poised to move on up. I have a solid yoga practice that keeps me sane and grounded. I have friends - really good friends - who (although they may not all be close enough for a regular coffee date) love me for who I truly am, even though they actually know who I really am. I live on the edge of heaven. And, of course, I have the kitties.

So, all in all, tonight was a great night. It also didn't suck that my former co-worker didn't stop complimenting me the whole evening. (And, thank you for saying so, MyMan, but I do weight slightly more than 90 lbs...) But mostly, the time spent reminiscing and catching up gave me the perspective to truly realize that I am truly a more satisfied Kalesy than I was a year ago.

I guess Thanksgiving came a little early...

Friday, November 07, 2008

It's Been a Relatively Good Week, So Why...

am I so mad at myself?

Well, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that it's 11:30 on a Friday night and I just finished emailing responses to the twenty-nine (yes, folks, 29!) emails my boss sent me.

Why did I respond, you ask?

Well, despite much discussion in therapy, I find I sleep much better if I respond. Because, although it should be self-evident by now, I pretty much have all the answers to the emails right at my fingertips. Or, if you will, right at the top of my brain. It's just that CrazyBoss doesn't trust me. So she gets into her tizzies and emailsemailsemails to make sure I've taken care of/thought of everything. WHICH I HAVE.

I did finally send her an email tonight which may or may not prove to be a confrontational thing. She emailed me and asked for my weekly update, which I'd sent her. I replied thusly:

"I thought I sent it to you this afternoon. I can resend when I get home tonight. I'll reply to your other mails on Mon. It's 8:30 here and Friday everywhere (smile!)"

Not sure how that will be received but I"m hoping in the spirit it was intended.

You see - I had a LONG week. Three days in Boston, hosting our Global Team meeting. Then whoosh! off on a plane to Portland for a very long, very boring tradeshow. Sure, I got a little downtime in a great city. I actually made some friends and had some good times. But I was still far far away from home and kitties. And then, I get back and, although I worked from home, had no actual time off to completely decompress. I feel like I'm owed some freakin' R&R!

So, yeah, that email might have been a bit injudicious. But there has to be some balance, right? And I just drafted 14 emails for sending as soon as I log in the next time, so that has to count for something....

Thus, despite having a moderately decent week and being fairly well rested, well yogafied and well worked out, I'm still mad at myself. Because instead of sitting on my couch, watching a movie and being covered in kitties, I'm obsessing about work and CrazyBoss.

Guess therapy still has some work to do...