Monday, November 21, 2011


Here I am - insomnia girl once again. I can only assume it's the unconscious dread of "home for the holidays." I won't be home too long, but still...

Here's the other issue. I seem to be wildly, crazily in love. It's too soon, I know, but it's just ... there. He's so smart and so knowledgeable and so passionate and so caring. I keep wondering what he sees in me. He made me al list - which was truly the sweetest thing ever, but I still can't believe that this amazing man loves me. I guess I'll have to get over my disbelief because he tells me time and again that he loves me, but - wowzers!

And then there's the nesting issue. I lovelovelove spending time at his place. He's sweet and thoughtful and makes room for my shower do-dads and cooks me eggs in the morning. But I've just moved into my new home. And I really do love it here, despite my concerns. And Eliza seems to have taken territory. Still, my nights away have affected both my increase of comfort in my new home and my sense of abandonment of my FuzzBucket (and consequently the burden upon my housemate to look after her care).

I have just brought this up to amazing suitor (I'd refer to him as wine-guy, except that seems to belittle all his other amazing qualities. Still, everyone needs a pseudonym...) And I'm sure he'll be helpful and comfortable with working things out. But I'm still awfully proud to have realized the issue, thought it through and proposed a solution. Amazing therapist would be so proud.

And now, it's 4 hours until I have to get up for a meeting at my theoretical new job. I have a crazy feeling it's going to be a li=ong day.