Thursday, October 27, 2011


OK - so it's no secret that I don't really want to move. I mean, sure, I'm moving into a space that has awesome energy and fantastic friendship. But it's not Gloucester. And Glouester has become my spiritual home.

Still, there are things; Last night the fire alarm would NOT shut up. Landlord seemed pissed that I'd torn it from the wall. Shit, in my "cornial ulcer" state, she's lucky I didh't unload a round on the disruption.

Tonight, there was a flood. seems to have been caused by cat-food lids. Which i find slightly inconcievable, as some of them might and probibly, been caused by catfood containers blocking water flowage.

But I am trying really hard not to take on my landlords insecurities onto myself. I didn't make tthe fire alarm scream unbearably. When I was shown the apartment, I was not warned of the potential water drainage issues.

Landlor's inability or inconvenience isn't my problem. That's why I'm a tenant and she's a landlord. I have tried a lot to help her. But at the end of the dqy, I write my checks out to her. So, to say it crudely, 'Suck it up!'4