Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kitties always know

Many moons ago, my mom came down with a pretty severe case of pneumonia. During the entire time she was bedridden, our cat, Sandy, stayed with her. She snuggled up on her bed and remained close by throughout her entire illness.

Fast forward many years. This weekend, I wound up dealing with some random summertime flu. I spent much time in bed. Mostly sleeping with occasional bouts of reading and bad movie watching. The entire time, Eliza stayed close by my side. When I got up to go downstairs, she came downstairs. When I turned off my light to take another nap, she curled up beside me.

Today, I finally made it up and out. I had a doctor's appt and that was pretty good inspiration. Here's where it gets funny.

I went into the bathroom to blowdry my hair. Eager not to let Mommy out of her sight, Eliza followed me in. But then I started the dryer. Eliza, shocked, jumped into the bathtub. She looked at me with fear and confusion. She hated the big loudnoisething but loved Mommy. Bigloudnoisething. Mommy. What do I do? The confusion in her eyes would have been sooo adorable, if it hadn't been so painful to momma's little fuzzbucket.

I opened the bathroom door and now she was confronted with another moral conundrum. Escape loudnoisething? Stay with mommy? Escape? Mommy?

Finally - she made the decision and bolted out of the room.

But she definitely gave it the Girl Scout try.

She's so cute. So dumb. But so cute.