Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A-ha redux

I've been feeling really good lately. Happy drugs? Maybe. Sunshine? Maybe. But I've also been revisiting times in my life that stand out as times I am proud of or happy of.

And it might not be a big thing to think of a concert as a big thing. And lord knows, I've beat it to death on this blog. But I really think of it as a victory on my part.

Ages ago, when we were not on the greatest terms, I told Good Buddy about the advent of the concert. "There have been four people in this world I've wanted to meet. I've met three of them. I never thought I'd have the opportunity for the fourth. And, dammit, I'm going to make it happen."

It's a frivolous bucket list, but it's there nonetheless.

I've blogged about it before, but I still feel proud that I've met, spoken to, and touched, Morten Harkett of A-ha. Many Americans know them for Take on Me and little else. But they are the soundrack fot my life.

So how does this play out from my other A-ha posts

I've been super duper depressed. What reason is ther to get out of bed? Why should I bother?

Then - I got onto a new prescription. Say what you want about psychiattric meds. Within days...

I remembered the joy and energy I felt at the concert. AND the confidence I had talking to the people in line. Today, I felt joy in talking to the people I was selling wine too and happiness at being where I was.

I will never - EVER - be able to replace the ecstasy I felt watching my idols perform. But I can also hold that in preciousness while I live day to day in joy.

So, those of you who dismiss mental health, fuck you. Life is great. Life amidst your heroes even better. Life ignoring the healthy you need ... sad and I hope you figure it out...