Sunday, May 15, 2011

q'est-ce q'ue se

This blog probably won't be too coherent -- sorry. But here's where it's at. I' am a big confues about wher my job is and whaat the payment is. And in the meantime I amy or may not be getting an advance from Good Buddy. Because often been a shit to me. But more often thn not (and this doesn't make the news) he's been right and standup and a pretty decent go-to-guy.

So I'm stressed about money and stressed about how little Handsome Man cares about my emotional side of things and scared about my lack of healthcare and lack of understanding from my family and, ... well, I'm scared.

I'm supposed to go into work tomorrow but for what cause and what result? Do I have friends? So I have people who give a shit? Brooke is too busy to even give me a hug. And he's supposed to love me. My being must be worth so much...