Thursday, August 26, 2010

Havin a Laugh

Tomorrow night, your's truly will get another opportunity to take in some fine stand-up comedy.

Joe Rogan is coming to town.

So, I'll be celebrating, then giggling, then stage door stalking and then crashing in the lovely Marriott Copley Plaza.

I invited LTRman because I thought he could use a night on the town. And then I informed him, if I actually meet Mr. Rogan and somehow convince him to join me in some highjinx, well...

No seriously.

Would you kick this guy out of bed for eating Eggo's?

And speaking of eating Eggo's, check out Joe's open letter to Kellog's from a few years back. Awesome. My favorite line? "Pop tarts? Are you kidding me? I would be willing to bet that 50% of the people buying pop tarts are stoned out of their fucking minds."