Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Data Overload


That's all I have to say.


What a long, strange trip it was. All things considered - and I know this will disappoint so very many of you - it was a pretty decent, incident-free trip. But STRANGE.

Thanksgiving was fun. My uncle's girlfriend accompanied him to dinner which, somehow, made him relax. So he was less of an ass and more of a playful, happy guy. Lots of fun. My best friend and her amazing daughter came and we had a great time giggling hysterically, as is our wont. There was only a minor tense moment with the Mother Figure but I dealt with that fairly effectively, if I say so myself.

The really only tense time came when GoodBuddy got lost on the way to NJ. I know - I should have expected this. From the first time we met back up over a year ago, he's been hopeless with directions. I blame the sloppies. But, he made it to the hotel, safe and sound. And then, miraculously, he made it to my parents' house in time to say hello.

"Well, if that wasn't as fucking awkward as all hell."

Well, yea, it kinda was. But here's the reality. He's been there more for me in the past few years than my family has. So if it comes down to spending time with him over time with them, guess where my heart lies. Plus, he's good in bed and lets me swear.

So, the weekend was wierd. We didn't do Kids' Day. For the first time in a hundred years. And this caused Mom some serious weeping. But it was for the best, truly. Why should we walk around a mall, not buying anything, just for the sake of it, when we know she can barely walk?

I spent most of the time at the hotel with GoodBuddy. He was pretty relaxed during the entire weekend and, well, I hated the thought of him spending time alone. We had a great time at the reunion and he was attentive as all hell. Which, of course, only made me love him more. We did have some tense moments wondering what the hell we were doing but, well, the drugs and booze tended to mitigate the anxiety. (I kid!)

All things considered, here's the amazing thing. We're still talking. After something like 10 plus hours in the car together on the way home - and this was no easy ride by any stretch of the imagination - we're still communicating. For someone who once believed that she needed to marry a guy in order to make him put up with me, that's pretty huge. More than halfway through the drive, GoodBuddy looked over and said, "well, it's more than five hours into this marathon roadtrip together. Your thoughts?" I responded: "I should probably ask you that question." And his response? "Two thumbs up and room to spare."

Wow. Holy hell. No, seriously. WOW.

Pictures will follow as soon as they're posted and ready...