Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Daughter My Mother Never Had

As we all know, Kalesy's mom is a bit of a Church freak. God on speed-dial and all that. In addition to her roles as Eucharistic Minister, Altar Girl (Woman?), CCD teacher, Christmas Pageant Organizer, Head of the Welcoming Committee, and Nursing Home Minister, she also occasionally serves as a sponsor for kids getting their first communion and confirmation.

One of these kids is Lindsey.

My mother adores Lindsey. Lindsey adores my mother. In my (now abandoned) bedroom at "home," pictures of Lindsey adorn the dresser and desk. Lindsey in her first communion dress, Lindsey in her school picture, Lindsey and my mom in matching dresses at her confirmation. Now why on earth would this give me a complex?

Yesterday, Mom went in for cataract surgery. If I was told once I was told a hundred times: this was no big deal, in and out, standard procedure, do not worry. So I didn't.

When my mom recovered enough, she gave me a call. She was feeling okay, she said. A little tired. But I should see the bouquet of flowers Lindsey sent her, with a beautiful little Get Well Soon note...

I suck.