Monday, February 04, 2008

Mulling Over Connectivity

Sometime during last week, my home PC began giving me the dreaded "blue screen of death." While I was able to bypass it twice, I brought it in to a reputable repair shop on Saturday at 11:30. And thus I had a weekend void of connectivity.

I wish I could say I didn't miss it at all. I wish I could say I read a book, went for a walk, called a friend and didn't for a second miss my computer.

While I did all of the things mentioned above and more (yep, that was me holding up an Obama sign at the Grant Circle in 40 mph wind gusts!) - I really DID miss my machine.

I wanted to check email. I wanted to look someone up on IMDB. I wanted to see the menu for a local restaurant.

I desperately want to call the repair shop and check on the status. FUBAR? Salvageable? How much are we looking at here? Or should I give up the ghost and start shopping? But I have been informed that if I call before noon I will officially qualify as pathetic.

Maybe while I'm waiting I'll Google self-help sites for how to learn the art of patience.....