Monday, January 28, 2008

Social. Security.

I'm mostly recovered from my recent bout with death. A lingering cough remains but, for the most part I'm back on my feet. It's well past noon and I've only had one Ricola today.

It's a slow day here at Chez Copywriting. It's a slow time in general. Everyone - my boss, my coworkers, my buddies - tell me that this is to be expected. January and February are ALWAYS slow, they say.

It's just a little unnerving, what with this big recession thing and all.

I keep telling myself that The Universe would not have plopped me down in the perfect apartment in the perfect town with a perfect job, enticing me to set down roots, only to bankrupt me six months later. But still.....

I have a meeting tomorrow w/ a guy about a freelance gig which, if done correctly, could net me an extra $2-3K. Also, there's a long term option to help out with another freelance project for a former Napoleanic sufferer. Which could add to the pocket change. Plus there's the hefty tax return I got this year. I love filing early!

So, all in all, I should be feeling good. But I'm still kind of freaking out. So much so, I'm going on an interview for a waitressing gig. A local restaurateur team is hiring for both a Gloucester location (home) and a Beverly location (work).

While I don't necessarily love the idea of working two jobs again, I do have to admit that I love the food biz. The lingo, the comaraderie, the zenness of it all. You meet really interesting people - both coworkers and patrons. And you develop an intimacy with those co-workers that crosses age, gender, lifestyle, class, pretty much everything. Which wouldn't suck for this NewInTownie. And it would make me feel like I had extra money. So it would offer a social outlet and some financial security.

But, then again, it would be dashing from one gig to another, getting home late, smelling like fried foods or seafoods or various flavors of alcohol (spilled not consumed).

I've found a blog called Waiter Rant that really summarizes the whole lifestyle very well. I especially liked this post.

I am keeping an open mind about the whole thing until at least after the lunchtime interview. At least I have plenty to obsess about during all my down time. How awful would it be to not be this neurotic and to be this bored?