Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Moral Victory and a Confession

First, the confession. I hope that the Sox do NOT win the World Series this year.

Allow me to explain.

I almost bought a sofa yesterday. I was really pretty. (SEE?)

It was on sale at Jordans. I like Jordans a lot. Their stores aren't just stores, they're experiences. And, like the Disney whore I am, I love me some experiences. And it was truly a great deal. A sofa and a loveseat in a funky fabric for under a grand. I was this close to buying it. But I chickened out.

I couldn't do it - I couldn't spend that kind of money knowing I'm so close to paying my credit cards off. Far better to give myself a birthday present in four months time - when my balances are 0.

But, here's where the confession kicks in. Jordans is offering a deal - one that ends tomorrow. If the Sox win the Series this year, every piece of furniture purchased in their store from the season home opener until Apr. 16 is FREE. FREE. (They have insurance....)

So, while I didn't really need an extra loveseat and would have stressed about where to put it in my living room, and while I'm sure in four months' time I'll find another sofa I like equally, I have to tell you that if the Sox win - if I could have had a brand new sofa for NOTHING - I will be really, really, really bummed out.