Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kalesy and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Now, first things first. I woke up on time feeling good and not already exhausted. So it should have been a good day.

My hot water was out. I knew this was a theoretical possibility because my landlord rang my doorbell at 10:30 last night to tell me my oil tank was on empty. But I thought it must be like the tank of a car, right? It says empty, but you've got at least 2 or 10 mile left. Right? Wrong.

I got to work and openend my email to a complete and total shit storm. The graphic designs that I'd been waiting for came in and were completely underwhelming. I'm a week and a day from a major deadline and I've got crap designs. And, since I know absolutely nothing about graphics software, what am I to do?

Napoloean - who only two days ago read me the riot act about how writing a brochure should be my one, only, and most important priority - emails me about five or six other projects. Because, really, coffee table books are going to be the major differentiator in multi-million dollar enterprise deals. Seriously.

The oil company had to actually come inside to reset my heater. So someone had to be here. And because I took Monday afternoon off, I knew if I tried to get today off too - or even work from home -- I'd get grilled because Napolean is paranoid. Of course, he should be because I AM interviewing.

(Note: I haven't heard back from the company I met with on Monday. Bastards.)

So I couldn't take time off so poor Mr. Zips had to leave work early and wait here. And the damn oil company didn't come until 5:45. Bastards.

The good things that happened today: I had an awesome workout. Primarily because Mr. Zips told me to forget coming home early and to do my kickboxing double. And, I once more realized how amazing and awesome Mr. Zips is. Who else would sit in an empty, cold apartment for five hours waiting for a damn oil tank fillup? He rocks.