Monday, November 13, 2006

My Hand Hurts

There are times when the worlds of life and work collide. And it is at those times you must realize what -- and who -- is important to you.

This weekend was not a banner weekend in my life. Got home from yoga and found three voicemails on the phone and the phone ringing. The tradeshow booth graphics hadn't arrived. Where were they? And while I didn't know where they were, nor was I responsible for getting them there, I went into the office, tracked the shipment and made mucho mucho phonecalls.

Years ago, the entire situation -- the botched event, the pissy account manager, the Sunday afternoon calls from the boss -- would have REALLY stressed me out. And, yes, I *DID* get a migraine and hit the wall with my fist, bruising my entire hand.

But I also turned off my phone and spent most of the day incommunicato in the mall with Mr. Zips. Pretending to be that White Trash couple and basically hamming it up for all to see. And, while I didn't get the curtains I was looking for, I realized that Mr. Zips is probably one of the most wonderful human beings to ever grace this planet.

We didn't write the entire day off and giggle it all away. But we did manage to mitigate the pain and stress with our love and our humor.

I might not be standing on a street corner with a sharp, expensive suit and the latest cutting edge technology keeping me posted of the most recent developments of the latest deal. But I have a partner in my life who makes me laugh, sends me electronic flowers, takes more pictures of my cats than I do, and - oh yea - is amazing in bed.

Life, my friends, is very, very good.