Friday, September 09, 2011


Usually, my doctors and therapists give ME homework. Take this pill at this time. Meditate on this. Focus on that. Try cataloguing your feelings/meals/sleeping patterns. Blah blah blah.

But when I met with Amazing Therapist today, the tables were turned.

Months ago, she'd reference a document I hadn't read. Recently, I'd asked her for a copy of it, thinking it would offer helpful guidance.

Today, she gleefully announced, "I found it!" Apparently my request was impetus for her to search through her files to find said document.

We didn't have time to discuss it. Time was spent with other stuff.

But this afternoon, sitting on the seawall at Plum Island with a much-anticipated sun on my back, I was happy and pleased and relieved and grateful and appreciative that Amazing Therapist had gone through that trouble. The reading was worth waiting for.

It offered me words of healing I needed. And gave me ideas for future strength.

It was nice to give my therapist homework, for once. Instead of the other way around. And to have it pay off so fruitfully.

I am blessed to have so many amazing tools in my toolbox. Thank you UNIVERSE.

And, hopefully tomorrow, when I wake up, meditate, take my prescripted 3k milligrams of fish oil and eat my breakfast off a wholewheat bagel,well... Maybe I'll feel a bit better a bout some of the other stuff in my life.

It's been a hella summer/month/week/days. But I still have those tools in my toolbox...