Wednesday, September 07, 2011

For the Record

I'm not going to outline the various and sundry ways my current roommate has taken advantage of me and my generosity; has mentally and emotionally abused me and, defrauded me.

The truth is, he's done all those things. And more. I'm trying REALLY hard to keep this in perspective and know that it's his issue, not mine. But I still feel attacked ad antagonized. To the point where I developed a stomach ache thinking about coming home and what nastiness he had in store for me.

I've paid his portion of utility bills. I've forgiven late rent payment even when he was snarky about it (not to mention while I was putting down my beloved 16-year-old cat). I've extended job offers that wouldn't affect DUA collection and I've suggested job openings.

All of this is met with bitterness, rudeness and cruelty.

He's going to fight me on leaving the apartment. But my heart and soul know that I have been forgiving and he has been vengefu. And my hope is that truth will prevail...