Monday, April 11, 2011

Grow a Pair

So, I've believed for several weeks that I had landed a gig at a local, fantastic, restaurant. I believed so when the owner/manager sent me an email saying: "I definitely want to hire you. Let's meet - Wednesday OK for you?" The restaurant opens on Thursday. I called Friday. I called Saturday. I called today. Twice. If he's changed his mind, OK. I mean, I'm pissed b/c all signs pointed to jobby job and I turned down not one but two other positions. And the courteous thing to do would be to give a call and say, No Thanks. Or if it's still in the works, call and say, I'm swamped, I'll call soon and we can figure out logistics. It's the business version of He's Just Not Into You. Except this could mean living off $50 a week or having enough money to occasionaly fill up my gas tank. So, yeah, I'm effing pissed. And applying for other summer positions. DUDE - grow a pair and call me back.