Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sir Anthony, WHY?

I can barely bring myself to watch the Academy Awards tonight after the looooongest 2 hours of my life tonight.

I'm a little late in alerting you to this, but in case you haven't subjected yourself to Wolfman yet, don't. The acting is overly dramatic, the scenery is dark and foggy and - seriously - you could cut three-quarters of the scenes of people walking, riding, limping, running through the woods and still have a mediocre movie.

But, I did get to spend an afternoon with a lovely friend. Although the theatre didn't serve pretzel nubs so that sucked a bit.

I heard a funny bit on Laugh Attack today. The comedian was talking about all these movies he hears about that cost X million dollars to make. And I quote: "Dude. You don't need to spend that money making a movie. I would pay $8 to go to a room to see $Xmillion in person. Fuck, I'd pay $10 if the extra $2 was added to the total!"

Says something about our priorities, huh?

How's that healthcare bill coming?