Friday, February 05, 2010

Some Changes

A week-long stint in my most favoritist place in the world is coming to an end. Sadness ensues. But also happiness. Because I really like the peeps I've been priveleged to spend time with and I had much laughter. Also much sneezing as a head cold has been riding around with me for the past three days, but even that's been tolerable. I got to see a wonderful friend who I haven't seen in 8 years, learned more about my colleagues and myself, and generally had a lovely time.

I was also - very kindly - warned that this blog may be a bit "too familiar" for the comfort of our Corporate Parental Units. So, you might see some changes to make it slightly harder to track. And you might see a fair fewer amount of CBL stories - although, never fear, they will still be shared.

I just don't want to get fired before she does.

I'll have more stories of my travels and wanderings once I get home. Jet lag will inevitably ensue and I am sure much of this weekend will be spent in bed, curled up with the kittens.